January 2023 DRAFT Minutes

Belchford and Fulletby Parish Council

Notes from Parish Council Meeting held on Wednesday 19th January 2023 held at Belchford Village Hall.
(These notes are a record of the meeting and are not accepted as formal minutes until duly signed on behalf of the Parish Council)

Present in person: Councillors: I Goodall (IG), J Newby (JN), P Thompson (PT), N Brigginshaw (NB), R Short (RS), K Skalka (KS), M Brown (MB) Also present four members of the public, D Cllr D Andrews and the clerk Mrs K M Elliott.

The public forum began at 7.30 pm

Public Forum:  Mr Thompson advised that he was to chair this meeting in the absence of the Chairman, Mr Smith and he welcomed everyone to the first parish council meeting of 2023.  The drain cover outside Southview, Main Road, Belchford has a broken grille and water is coming through.  It has been reported to LCC in 2022. And may need to be reported again.  The village hall committee meeting has discussed Coronation Celebrations and have suggested a fete at the village green in order to raise money for the proposed play equipment.  More speed awareness signs have been suggested and members discussed reactive signs and community speed watch.  Could Police be asked to bring enforcement to our parish or a request made for the LRSP camera van?  In conclusion more signs like those already in place are to be ordered.  Owl boxes at Hills and Holes – where has the owl box gone? As the copse has been cut.  JS is to be asked.  Highways – a no through road sign for Dams Lane has been suggested and is to be chased, also potholes on Dams Lane are again to be reported.  What has happened to the stone for the Viking way/path?

Parish Council meeting commenced at 7.48 pm

1.   Apologies for absence and reasons given – PT chaired the meeting.  J Smith, Z Henden and P Morris have provided apologies.

2.   Declaration of interests and requests for dispensations - To receive declarations of interest in accordance with the Localism Act 2011 and to consider granting dispensation(s), as per written requests received by the proper officer, to councillors under section 22 of the Act.  There are none.

3.   Chairman’s remarks – PT commented that a working party for the community woodland is required to plant more trees before the end of the season.  The clerk was asked to check back through emails from LCC about replacement trees.  PT noted that he is frustrated with lack of progress with certain items.

4.   To confirm and sign the minutes of the meeting held on 23rd November 2022 – it was proposed, seconded, voted and RESOLVED unanimously that the official minutes of the last meeting having been previously circulated were approved following queries regarding accuracy and amendments as a true and accurate record of the minutes, Vice Chairman signed and dated.

5.   To receive reports from the Clerk and Councillors on matters outstanding:  

a.   Fulletby Bin – It has taken over 1 year.  Members discussed what size and shape of bin, Black and square, and this matter will be resolved as soon as possible.

b.   Noticeboard locks have now been fitted in Belchford and keys were issued to S Murfin (village hall), NB and JN.  The 4th key will be located in a key safe on the noticeboard.  It is also noted that the 4 keys for the Fulletby noticeboard are with IG, RS, KS and PM.  The cost of the key safe is thought to be in the region of £30 to £50 and this expenditure was approved.  PT will oversee the purchase and installation of this.

6.   To receive reports from District and County Councillors, and Police (if available) – District Councillor Mr David Andrews was present and provided a brief report.  He has some grant monies available and proposed that the clerk apply for £300 towards the cost of the Fulletby Bin.  The old ELDC offices at Manby have been sold and the new offices in Horncastle are open.  There is a budget of £150,000 to install 40 car charging stations throughout East Lindsey.  JN commented that the NDP local listings document has been submitted to ELDC.  Cllr Andrews finally advised that there will be elections in May 2023 and that photo ID will be required for all voters.  There was no report from Police or County Councillor.

7.   To review any potholes & other Highways matters – Councillors were encouraged to report any potholes or drainage matters as individuals.  The clerk will also report any that are discussed at a meeting.  Potholes on Dams Lane and drain outside Southview.  Bluestone Heath Road/Glebe Hill pothole.  Oxcombe Road, Fulletby Road and Furlongs Lane.  Tetford turn to Fulletby.  There is also a road sign fallen over – exact location to be confirmed.  Also chicken farm on Narrow Lane to Oxcombe Road. 

8.   Parish Gateways and other Speed reductions signs – Members discussed speed reduction signs for Fulletby High Street and Belchford, these are to be bespoke, JN is happy to organise them and this expenditure was approved.  The Gateways cost too much and therefore are not required.

9.   To consider rights of way & Footpaths – PM has sent a long email about this but is not available to discuss here tonight and so this matter was deferred to the March meeting.

10.   Tree Preservation Orders – Following on from a brief discussion earlier this evening KS would like to address directly the ELDC tree Officer and the clerk will enable this contact.

11.   Play Area – No meeting has as yet been held to move this matter forward.  The background to the current status was discussed and there are views that the proposed costs are extraordinary in ration to the number of children who might use the facility.  KME and JS are to arrange a meeting.  PT is to find out if planning permission is required.  A design and supplier are to be chosen and a grant provider sought.  Nancy has made progress with this previously and she is to be asked for assistance.

12.   Village Green – There is no village green committee and the treasurer has passed away. Simon Miller is to be contacted and asked if they have access to the bank account.  It is noted that a number of the trees planted on the village green have died.

13.   Full Fibre broadband – IG is still waiting on the onlincs report and there is no report.

14.   Coronation 2023 – Should we be organising anything? Are there any volunteers?  It could be an opportunity for a fund raising event at Fulletby Glebe Field and Belchford Village Green.  This is to be deferred to the March meeting and also included in the next newsletter.  The suggestion from the Village Hall Committee is to be included in the newsletter.  PT will contact Simon Miller and Nancy.  Mrs Murfin noted that the village hall committee do not have any plans to hold an event.  Volunteers are required for the Village Green committee.  It is requested that the newsletter is produced as soon as possible but by the end of January.  KS offered to speak to the Glebe Field treasurer for some content for the newsletter.

15.   To consider correspondence received since the last meeting: There is none.

16.   Belchford Public Purposes Charity:  JN provided information, the bank account needs sorting out as a priority, however in person visits are required to the Barclays Branch in Lincoln.  This will be put on the March agenda.  The Charities Commission require an annual return to be completed by the end of January and JN advised that this will not be completed.

17.   Financial matters: to authorise the signing of cheques and to note the income for this period.  The RFO, NB has provided a financial report for this meeting.

a)   To receive an updated bank reconciliation form, NB provided a spreadsheet for the meeting via email earlier today.  The account balance is £9,116.  NDP makes up £3,200 of this.  We are in a very healthy position.  There may be election costs in 2023.

b)   To consider and resolve payments since the last meeting including no details provided for this meeting.  Village Hall fees for x 2 meetings are due at £40

c)   To note appointment of external auditor.

18.   Planning Matters: 

a.   S/013/02257/22 FPP Given @ Church View Main Road, Belchford.

IG asked if there had been any more details with regard to the application at the rear of the Blue Bell Inn.

19.   To consider items for the Parish Newsletter: Please send articles to the clerk.  This will be produced by the end of January for the months of February and March.  An article on Photo ID requirements for elections in May 2023 is to be included.  The TPO piece is to be amended for the March meeting, volunteers for the village green committee and an article on the NDP from IG.  JN advised that she is available to do the newsletter.

20.   To agree agenda items for the January 2023 meeting – The meeting will be held on 16th March 2023 in Belchford Village Hall and items for the agenda include Rights of Way/Footpaths, Village Green Committee, TPO’s, Fulletby Bin, Belchford Public Purposes Charity and the Coronation.  A draft agenda is to be produced by 1st March.

There being no further business the Meeting closed at 9.15 pm.


Prepared by Nigel Brigginshaw, RFO Dated 19 January 2023

Note: Payments in the year to March 2022 are cheques written up to then but not cleared

Balance per bank statement as at 1 January 2023

HSBC Current account


Less: any un-presented cheques at 1 January 2023



365 R Short


368 HMRC


369 R Tym

 £                  100.00

370 The Blue Bell Inn

 £                  200.00


Net bank balance as at 19 January 2023

 £               9,115.30

The net balance reconciles to the Cash Book (receipts and payments account) for the year to date, as follows


Opening Balance 01 Apr 22

 £               8,956.64

Add: Receipts in the year to 19 January 2023

 £             10,167.78

Less: Payments in the year to 19 January 2023

 £               7,130.05

Less: Payments in the year to 31 March 2022 (from 2021/22)


Closing balance per cash book [receipts and payments book] as at 19 January 2023





Precept 2022- 2023 11th April 2022 (over payment to be repaid)


VAT Repayment


ACE Lets Create Grant


Lane Letting


Groundworks UK R/C







332 ELDC Repayment


333 The A.L.S. Group (Bouncy Castle)


334 J Newby (Amazon Wheelbarrows)


335 Horncastle Cake Art


336 J Newby (Running Imp Mugs)


22 April Bank Charges from March 2022


337 BHIB Insurance


338 Village Hall (Jan, March, May)


339 LALC


340 AK Lever (BaseLine Digital)


341 Clerks Salary


342 HMRC


343 J Newby (Printing, Rosettes, Plastic Ducks etc.)


344 R Tym (Musicians) CANCELLED


Bank Charges (22nd May 2022)


346 A Coates (Chestnut Poles) (Chq 314 not cashed and destroyed)


347 J Newby (Perkins Newsagent)


348 M Black (Wool Spinning Cost)


349 L Thomson (Sandwiches Costs)


350 S Murfin (Cups, Plates Costs)


351 Horncastle Cake Art (Cake Accessory Costs)


352 V Brigginshaw (Embroidery and Sewing Costs)


353 R Black (PA System Rental & ops)


354 N Sorenti (Art Materials etc.)


355 E Goodall (Traffic Cones, Signage, Management)


356 Jon Newby (Children's Music)


Bank Charges (22nd June 2022)


357 Oxcombe Pottery (Materials etc.)


Bank Charges (22nd July 2022)


358 LALC (Web charges)


359 I Goodall (NDP)


Bank Charges (22nd August 2022)


360 J Newby (Paint for village signs)


361 Clerks Salary


362 HMRC


363 J Newby (Village slow down signs)


Bank Charges (22nd September2022)


364 I Goodall (NDP)


Bank Charges (22nd October2022)


Bank Charges (22nd Novber2022)


365 R Short (Bench Repair)


366 I Goodall (NDP)


367 Clerks Salary


368 HMRC


Bank Charges (22nd December2022)


369 R Tym (re issue for music at Jubilee)


370 The Blue Bell Inn (Xmas lunch)