January 2021 Minutes

Notes from remote Parish Council Meeting 21st January 2021.

(These notes are a record of the meeting and are not accepted as formal minutes until duly signed on behalf of the Parish Council)

Present in person: Councillors: J Smith (JS), I Goodall (IG), J Leedham (JL), J Newby (JN), Z Henden (ZH), P Thompson (PT), P Morris (PM), M Brown (MB), N Brigginshaw (NB).  Also present via Zoom C Cllr H Marfleet and PCSO N Wass along with the clerk, Mrs K M Elliott.

The public forum began at 7.33pm

Public Forum:  There was no public forum.


  1. Apologies for absence and reasons given – RS has not provided any reason for non-attendance.
  2. Declaration of interests and requests for dispensations - To receive declarations of interest in accordance with the Localism Act 2011 and to consider granting dispensation(s), as per written requests received by the proper officer, to councillors under section 22 of the Act.  There were none.
  3. Chairman’s remarks – JS hoped everyone was keeping safe and well and noted how awful the weather is and the low level of Covid locally.
  4. To confirm and sign the minutes of the meeting held on 26th November 2020 – it was proposed, seconded, voted and RESOLVED unanimously that the official minutes of the last meeting having been previously circulated were approved as a true and accurate record of the minutes, Chairman signed and dated.
  5. To receive reports from the Clerk and Councillors on matters outstanding: 
    1. The parish council website has been updated with the support of LCC and as a result an accessibility policy and privacy policy is required.  The clerk will action these policies for the website.
    2. Potatoes – JS outlined details of this scheme, however as the parish council provided potatoes last year it RESOLVED not to take up the scheme again.
  6. To receive reports from District and County Councillors, and Police (if available) – Police report was given by PCSO Wass who is hoping to visit the small villages once the weather is better and noted that there are poaching incidents along the Bluestone Heath road corridor. District Councillor is not available.  Those present discussed the need for a single yellow line outside the High Street Co-op store in Horncastle.  County Councillor Mr Hugo Marfleet reported on potholes and the condition of the road between Belchford Village and the Bluestone Heath road.  JS Noted that he is utterly frustrated having reported this matter for a long time.  Members also discussed the damaged street furniture and the fact that the edge of the road surface is being eroded.  Will the elections take place in May? Cllr Marfleet advised that planning was starting to happen to enable the elections in May.  [Cllr Marfleet left the meeting at 8.11pm]
  7. To receive an update from the Village Green Committee on the proposal for a children’s play area – The report was provided by ZH.  Anglian water will put the fence right once the weather improves.  No funds have been raised during 2020 but the only expenses have been for grass cutting at £100.  A hasp and staple has also been purchased for the container.  The dangerous branch is being taken down next week and the committee are looking forward to events in the future.  The committee are waiting a third quote for the play equipment and then this project will be put to consultation and community engagement.  A change of use will be needed.  The play equipment will need to be at least 10m away from any neighbour’s boundaries.  There are at least 3 large funding schemes which we are eligible for which could potentially fund all or most of the costs.  JS asked for a timescale and ZH stated that they are waiting for the last quote before going out to community consultation and the bid writing process.
  8. To review any potholes & other Highways matters:
    This matter has already been discussed earlier in this meeting.
  9. Full Fibre Broadband – IG reported that lots of progress has been made since the last meeting, conversations have been had with lots of partners and assistance of one resident.  A spreadsheet of interested parties which have been submitted to openreach.  An initial quote is to be received by early February and the electoral register has been used to target others who have not yet signed up.  176 properties have all received the printed document.  IG noted there are some unexpected issues, the 4 properties at Belchford cross roads and other outlying properties for example Flintwood Farm, High Beacon & Brogdale which are away from the core of the village centres.  If these are included it will have a significant cost implication to the whole project.  A reminder is to be put into the next newsletter and it is hoped that we get a significant response.  It is felt that we should try to include all properties.  It is also noted that registered charities and schools are also eligible to apply.
  10. To receive a report on the work planned for the village furniture – ZH confirmed that he and RS have spoken and are meeting on Saturday 30th January, starting in Belchford and working their way through the village furniture.  If anyone is able to help please join them from 9am.  RS has made the plinth for the Fulletby notice board.
  11. Belchford Public Purposes Charity – new Trustees and signatories are required.  IG could be a signatory, the clerk will contact Black Rock and find out.  Mr Mike Headley has volunteered and Mrs Jill Newby will also represent the parish council on this charity committee.
  12. Public Footpaths – PT spoke about the condition of the public footpaths, the Viking way from Dams Lane to Hills and Holes.  There is a very narrow stretch which has become treacherous.   This will be reported to the footpaths officer at LCC.
  13. To consider correspondence received since the last meeting:
    1. A request for funding has been received from CAB East Lindsey.  Following discussion it was proposed, seconded and RESOLVED to make a donation of £100.
  14. Financial matters: to authorise the signing of cheques and to note the income for this period.  NB notes the incredible work on the Broadband proposal and Community Woodland by fellow councillors.  WE are also in a quite healthy financial position.
    1. To receive an updated bank reconciliation form, NB – received and attached – Appendix 1 below.  The current balance is £9,038.42 and there are two outstanding cheques.
    2. The precept of £2.940 has been applied for via ELDC and will be received in April.
    3. Payment of accounts – To consider and resolve payments since last meeting including clerks’ salary and HMRC, Fulletby Glebe Field Contribution, Selby’s Office Supplies, PKF Littlejohn External Audit and for Community Woodland Trees.  PM stated on behalf of the Fulletby Glebe Trust, thank you for the financial contribution.
  15. Planning Matters:
    1. S/013/01621/20 – FPP Given for Woodview, Ings Lane.
    2. S/013/01983/20 - FPP Given for Little Ryehill Farm, Main Road
    3. S/013/02012/20 – FPP Given for Pinecroft, Oxcombe Road
    4. To consider a Neighbourhood Plan – this is a continuation of previous thoughts and discussions.  JS outlined the Sunday Times top 5 places to live and his model village layout and proposal.  Build on what we have and include light industrial units.  The first point of contact will be the planning department at ELDC.  This would be a huge commitment with lots of information being collated.  PM asked what is the legal status of a Neighbourhood Plan?  How do we want to move this forward?  This topic should be on the next agenda to enable further discussion.
  16. To consider items for the Parish Newsletter: members discussed the last newsletter.
    • Broadband – a reminder
    • Woodland – an update on planting
    • The dog being found in Fulletby
    • Covid Vaccine
    • Village Green update
    • JS asked if we should offer to plant a tree at the community woodland with a plaque for £15 to residents to remember a loved one as part of our ongoing community engagement.  With a limited variety of species.  This proposal will be given more thought by JS.
  17. To agree agenda items for the 18th March 2021 meeting, this will also be held by Zoom – Neighbourhood Plan, Broadband Fibre update, Zoom subscription, Footpaths, village furniture, Potholes on Lowfield Lane, Tree planting at the Community Woodland, Councillors and technology.

There being no further business the Meeting closed at 9.23 pm

Appendix 1: see below


Prepared by Nigel Brigginshaw, RFO Dated 21 January 2021


Balance per bank statement as at 01 Januaryr2021

HSBC Current account

 £               9,048.42

Less: any un-presented cheques at 21 January 2021

264 Mrs Ward












Net bank balance as at 21 January 2021

 £               9,038.42

The net balance reconciles to the Cash Book (receipts and payments account) for the year to date, as follows


Opening Balance 01 Apr 20

 £               7,238.99

Add: Receipts in the year to 21 January 21

 £               4,047.66

Less: Payments in the year to 21 January 21

 £               2,171.03

Less: Payments in the year to 21 January 21 (from 2019/20)


Closing balance per cash book [receipts and payments book] as at 21 January 2021





Precept 2020- 2021 15th April 2020


VAT Reclaim


ELDC Grant


LCC Grant








270 D Ward (Potatoes)


271 BHIB Insurance


272 N Brigginshaw (Stamps)


273 Woodhall Print


274 Clerks Salary


275 HMRC


276 Clerk's Salary


277 HMRC


278 Mrs J Newby (paint)